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Guests Finally Figure Out Why This Man Kept Putting A Fresh Bar Of Soap Under The Sheets

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) reports that restless leg syndrome (RLS) is a neurological disorder that causes pulling, creeping, or throbbing sensations in a person’s leg. The symptoms most often occur at night and can be rather uncomfortable – and painful. The NIH estimates that about 10% of the U.S. population is affected with […]

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Photo Of Skimpy School Lunch Photo Provokes Parents’ Anger

School lunches are in the news a lot. Many people find that the meals are not nutritious enough for students. Kaytlin Shelton from Chickasha, Ohio shared what her children eat every other Monday at their school. They call the meal a “Munchable” and it consists of two pieces of cauliflower, meat, two crackers, and one […]

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Man Accused Of Raping 11-Year-Old Says His Clothes Got Her Pregnant

Usually, when you are do something horrible and are found out, it is assumed you would at least have the dignity to own up to the crime you have committed. This is especially so if there is evidence that reveals the truth as well. So what exactly was going through the mind of this man […]

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Church Opens Doors To 225 Homeless People, Letting Them Sleep Inside Every Night

The cost of living in San Francisco is one of the highest in the United States. If average residents can barely survive, imagine what life is like for the city’s homeless. There are more than 7,500 homeless people living in this expensive U.S. city. It’s unimaginable that the state hasn’t done anything substantial to lessen […]

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2 Vermont police officers accused of drinking beer they confiscated from minors

Two police officers in Burlington, Vermont, have been accused of drinking beer that they confiscated from minors, according to reports. Police Chief Brandon del Pozo has said that the officers confiscated the beer in early December, but instead of following the department’s protocol in disposing of the alcohol, the officers retained it and drank some […]

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Florida teachers locked autistic students in dark room and tortured them with whistles as they ‘screamed and cried’

A Florida teacher and two of her teaching aides have been arrested for abusing autistic students at Silver Sands School in Fort Walton Beach, according to reports. Margaret Wolthers and teaching aides Diana LaCroix and Carolyn Madison are facing first-degree felony charges of aggravated child abuse, with it having been claimed that they would “punish” […]

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Breaking: Baby found abandoned in middle of California road, umbilical cord still attached

A police hunt is underway for a woman who reportedly left a newborn baby lying on a road in California. According to ABC News, a newborn baby girl was found early on Monday morning with her umbilical cord still attached. The Madera County Sheriff’s Office in central California confirmed that a newspaper delivery person had […]

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Cruel kids bully girl on Valentine’s Day, only for kind-hearted teen to decide he’s had enough

Try as we might, it’s extremely difficult to completely eradicate bullying from society. This is especially true when it comes to children, some of whom don’t know any better, some of whom are simply seeking acceptance from their piers. As a result, children can be bitterly cruel creatures. Just as Abby Howell, who received a […]

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Uber Driver Pleads Guilty For Murdering 6 People Between Fares

The man charged with the murder of six people in Michigan has plead guilty on all counts. Jason Dalton, a former Uber driver, admitted he killed strangers and shot two other people who survived his attacks in between fetching and driving passengers around Kalamazoo. Dalton, 48, told Judge Alexander Lipsey of the Kalamazoo County Circuit […]


Tragedy: Alabama police officer shot and killed in line of duty – help us send our prayers

An Alabama police officer was fatally shot on Sunday in the process of following up on an investigation in Mobile, according to police. Police Chief Lawrence Battiste told reporters that Officer Sean Tuder “was doing some follow-up work on an investigation and was gunned down by a suspect.” The suspect, Marco Perez, is currently in […]