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Woman Drinking Popular Drink Warns Others After A Close Shave With Death

Energy drinks have been long notorious as carriers of marketing tactics. After all, how can 1 can of chemicals be useful in replacing lost electrolytes during your workouts, or give you ‘natural’ energy boosts? One woman living in England finds this out the hard way. Meet Mary Allwood, an 26 year-old mistaken for an alcoholic […]

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Woman’s Dying Wish Is To Warn Everyone About The Deadly Disease She Got From Her Hobby

A woman named Ashley Trenner has a strange hobby – visiting tanning salons. She enjoyed the skin darkening spa-like experience, in the pursuit of beauty. She believed that darker skin was considered as the ideal in comparison to her formerly porcelain skin. Unknowingly, she paid the price – she was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma at […]

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Doctors Want You To Stop Allowing Your Children From Eating Hot Cheetos — Here’s Why

So dangerously good. No, I’m not talking about chocolate – its the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos I was referring to. Doctors are now advising consumers, particularly parents, on the dangers of overdose. All the more to help your child kick that snacking habit for good. Overindulging on this particular flavor of Cheetos can cause one to […]

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Healthy Teen Dies Suddenly On The Beach, Then Mom Realizes She Drank This Just Moments Before…

Are Energy drinks healthy? Think again. One teenager aged 16 named Lanna Hamann, drank a can of Red Bull. Suddenly, she collapsed and had a heart attack, dying instantly. She was on summer vacation with her family in Mexico, 2014. Lanna was a althetic student at Sunrise Mountain High School located in Peoria, Arizona – […]

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If You Put A Cotton Ball With VapoRub In Your Ear All Night, Here’s The Surprising Effect.

Ahh, that familiar scent of menthol and eucalyptus. I am referring to Vicks Vaporub, of course. When I was a kid, my mom used to rub some of that thick ointment on my chest when I was congested. It helps clear the nasal, throat and even your head congestion. Did you know that Vicks has […]

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After Eating This Popular Delicacy, A Man’s Entire Body Was Riddled With Worms

Food that is not properly prepared can cause serious illness. One Chinese man is riddled with tapeworms after eating Sashimi, slices of raw fish. Sashimi is, to some, a heavenly delicacy. Just take a look at the scans, the tapeworms are everywhere in this man’s body. He had gone to the doctor because of itching […]

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One Month Before A Heart Attack, Your Body Will Warn You – Here Are The 8 Signs

In 2013, one out of every three deaths in the United States was from a stroke, heart disease, or another cardiovascular disease, according to the American Heart Association. Stroke and heart disease were the number one and number two leading cause of death around the world. Heart attacks are the result of a coronary artery […]

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What Fruits And Vegetables Looked Like Before Humans Domesticated Them

Remember folks: during the next time you bite into a slice of fruit or take a bite out of your favorite vegetable, you’d might want to keep in mind consider that the produce we have today were all thanks to genetic modification. They’re called ‘Genetically modified foods’, nicknamed ‘GMO’ – and topics surrounding this health […]

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Don’t Put Ice In Your Drinks At KFC, McDonald’s And Burger King. You’ve Been Warned.

This story is both disturbing and disgusting. The Daily Mail released a report by a BBC Watchdog group about the presence of fecal matter in ice machines at some fast food restaurants. See, disturbing, right?! Several restaurants reportedly failed a random ice machine test when the coliform bacteria was found growing inside! The presence of […]

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Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Pick The Best Watermelon

One of the best things about summer is enjoying a nice, juicy watermelon. But it sure does spoil the fun if you don’t pick out a good watermelon! To help you decide which melon is the best, keep reading, we have five simple tips! All watermelons have those large white spots, called field spots – […]