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Girl Falls Deathly Ill After Eating Banana With Red Streaks Inside

Fruits are healthy for people of all ages and are vital to a balanced diet. But if the piece of fruit involved is in a bad condition, it can affect someone’s health for the worst. Lissa Merlin’s daughter Dionne, 8, was enjoying a banana from Morrisons supermarket at her home in the UK when she […]

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Mom Didn’t Answer Delivery Person At Her Door, Police Showed Up To Send Her To Jail

A mother from Connecticut was left shock and mortified over a simple choice she made. When a delivery person rang her doorbell, Patty Levreault didn’t answer the door. She figured the person would simply drop off the package at her porch so she could go back for it later. Instead, the police were at her […]


4th Grader Invents Device So Parents Won’t Forget Their Baby In the Car

If you have ever spent time with children, you know that they think much differently than adults. They see the world in a unique and special way. With their imaginations, they create stories and games and sometimes may invent something incredibly useful. Sophie Rapson is in fourth grade. She had to invent something for the […]

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Richard Gere, 69, welcomes baby boy with wife Alejandra Silva

Richard Gere has become a father again! It’s been nearly 20 years since he was proclaimed a dad for the first time but, according to People, he and his wife, 35-year-old Alejandra Silva, welcomed a baby boy to the world last week. A representative of 69-year-old Gere’s confirmed that Silva had successfully delivered the baby […]


Daughter Complains Of Bad Headaches, Doctors Look At Her MRI And Find Brain Tumor

Are you a gambler? Would you consent to an experimental medical treatment if it could save your life? I not sure I would. Stephanie Lipscomb did. Lipscomb was a 20-year-old nursing student who had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. The radiation and chemotherapy worked and got rid of about 98% of the tumor. The […]

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Dad Hires Helicopter To Find Missing Son After Having A Gut Feeling Teen Was Not OK

A frantic and desperate dad from Australia spent $800 ($1000 AU) to hire a helicopter to find his missing son. He had a gut feeling his teenager’s car crashed and the boy might be injured somewhere, where no one could spot the accident. Tony Lethbridge’s 17-year-old son, Samuel, was driving to his girlfriend’s place in […]

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Baby Shows Gratitude To Pit Bull For Comforting Her During 7.0 Earthquake

A toddler from Palmer, Alaska found the best comfort after her place was struck with a 7.0 earthquake. Adalynn Leary, also called Ady, was weary and afraid of the aftershocks that kept rocking her hometown so she had problems going to sleep. Apparently, the earthquake caused over 5,000 aftershocks, which was why Ady has grown […]


Dad, Twin Sons Cut 80 Trucks Worth Of Firewood And Give Them To Needy Families

A dad and his twin sons from Washington started cutting some firewood at an area in the rugged Pacific Northwest for their home. They never imagined this would become a long endeavor that would make lots of other families grateful and happy. Shane McDaniel, 47, wanted to carry on this family tradition of fathers cutting […]


8-year-old boy saves up own pocket money to buy every girl in his grade a rose for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day means different things to a lot of different people. For the vast majority of us, it’s a day upon which we showcase our love for someone; a time to put a bit of extra effort in. Of course, not everyone is fortunate enough to have someone, and so they watch on – sometimes […]


Prince William hands out food to the homeless – 25 years after Diana showed him the way

It’s been 25 years since Princess Diana left this earth. Now, it turns out, Prince William is following in his mother’s footsteps. This week, the heir to the British throne found himself in a kitchen serving spaghetti bolognese to the homeless … William made an appearance in The Passage, Britain’s largest center for homeless people to get themselves something […]