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Owner Surrenders “Aggressive” Pregnant Pit Bull, Shelter Euthanizes Dog And Her Puppies

There is an undeniable, world-wide love for dogs. The sheer cuteness of a dog is a strong factor, sure, but that isn’t the only reason why netizens are insisting we as the human race do not deserve dogs. Just look at the many viral stories on the internet about how unconditional and full their love […]

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Couple Spends 26 Years Replanting A Rainforest They Bought In 1991, And Here’s How It Looks Today

Pamela Gale Malhotra and her spouse, Anil Malhotra, own Sai Sanctuary, India’s one of a kind privately owned reserve and established since 1991. It currently spans over 300 acres and a home to more than two hundred endangered species of plants and animals. It is located in the Kodagu district, where forest cover has been […]

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Marine Sees Stray Dog In Afghanistan And Knows What He Has To Do

The things people do sometimes to help an animal are just awe inspiring. Craig Grossi is one of those people. He was on an elite team of Marines serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan back in 2009. The fighting his team went through the first few days in a remote part of that country […]

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Man Inspecting Home Discovers Dozens Of Cockroaches Hiding In Landline Phone

We all naturally pull away from things that are coded as disgusting, unhygienic, or rotten – and for a very good reason. Considering that these dirty situations or environments usually result in the perfect breeding ground for pests, diseases, and bacteria, it is easy to see why such an aversion has been hardcoded into us […]


During Feeding Time, Giant Crocodile Snatches And Eats Scientist Alive

The one thing you don’t expect to handle when you go to work is to feed a crocodile. For employees at the Indonesian CV Yosiki Laboratory, however, feeding the local 17-foot long crocodile named Merry is a regular practice. 44-year-old Deasy Tuwo is a scientist who is the head of the lab, which reportedly manufactures […]


Man Requests Vet To Euthanize His Dogs Because Of His Girlfriend’s Allergies

In this day and age, our pets have become increasingly pampered as the younger generation raise them as surrogate children. It is quite understandable – costs of living have skyrocketed to insane heights, and raising children is a lifelong commitment the youngest adult generation isn’t quite sure they are capable of handling. By comparison, pets […]


Tiny foal won’t leave man alone after being petted, only to pull stunt that has people doubled over laughing

If there’s one trait virtually all animals share, it’s unpredictability. Sometimes it can manifest itself in dangerous situations, but it also means that animals are capable of bringing us to tears of laughter … quite literally. Such was the case when one video clip was able to capture an overzealous foal in the process of […]


‘Gentle and friendly’ dog put to sleep by authorities because of the way he looked – and it’s not OK

From a very early age we’re taught never to judge a book by its cover. Casting aspersions on people or animals based purely on looks is a horrible practise, and, not to put too fine a point on it, the wrong way to live your life. Tragically, whilst society as a whole has come on […]


Dog desperately chases after owner’s car after being dumped at lake – help us find the man who did it

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s people who take advantage of an animal’s loyalty and leave it heartbroken and alone. A disturbing video has surfaced appearing to show one such man dumping his dog by Lake Ming in Bakersfield, California. In the clip, which is steadily spreading around the internet, a man in […]


Frederik the Great looks like a normal horse from behind, but just wait until he turns around

It’s rather easy to appreciate the effortless beauty of horses. Majestic, powerful and usually oh-so friendly, there’s a reason they’ve been used by humans throughout the centuries. Naturally, it’s no easy feat to be dubbed the ‘World’s Most Handsome Horse’, but we think there might be a strong contender in Friesian Stallion Frederik the Great. […]